Ceramic Fritted

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Ceramic Fritted Glass (Ceramic-coated glass) is tempered or heat-strengthened glass, one face of which is covered either partly or totally with organic glazes which will permanently integrate in the glass under high temperature.

It is widely used as decorative glass and spandrel glass to hide the back panels, patterns can be customized.

Ceramic Fritted Glass provides certain light shading function, can be combined with Low-E glass to improve the energy saving function, and achieve a better shading coefficient value. Ceramic frits can be placed on face 2 of a laminated Low-E DGU (outer pane laminated) to achieve the most effective energy saving results.

Ceramic Frits should be placed at the inner side of the glazing unit, better to be combined uses with laminated glass or DGU.

Ceramic Fritted Glass
Min size: 300*300mm
Standard size: 3660*2000mm (for non-repeatable patterns)
Max size: 10000mm length (for repeatable and not connecting patterns)
Max width: depends on the patterns