Low Emissivity Glass

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Low emissivity glass, or low-E glass, is an excellent way to increase overall comfort and energy savings. 

Low-E glass works by re-radiating heat back to its source. All objects and people give off varying forms of energy, affecting the temperature of a space. Long-wave radiation energyis a form of heat while short-wave radiation energy is visible light from the sun. The coating used to make low-E glass works by transmitting short-wave energy — it allows the penetration of light but re-radiate long-wave energy to keep heat in its desired location. 

In hot summer, the low-E glass with solar control function can absorb the short-wave radiation energy from the sun.It can re-radiate the heat to outside the facade.

Thus, low-E glass with solar control works well in both hot and cold climate.

It is energy efficiency because it helps to reduce both heating and cooling load of the building.

Composition Temper / Heatstrengthen Curved Ceramic Frit Heat Soak
Monolithic NO NO NO NO
Lamination YES YES YES YES
Combine uses of Ceramic Frits to achieve lower SC / SHGC

Silk-screening ceramic frit onto glass enables the designer to use color and patterns on architectural glazing. Combined with clear or tinted glass substrates, as well as high-performance coatings, fritted glazing can help reduce solar heat gain. An opaque frit pattern can help control glare but translucent frit patterns may provide diffuse light that increases glare.

Combine uses of Tinted Glass to achieve lower SC / SHGC

Solar heat gain is influenced by the glazing type. For example, solar heat gain of a 8+12A+8 composition Low-E IGU glazing with SC=0.24 performance, by laminating a 8mm light grey tinted glass to the front panel, the shading coefficient can drop to 0.18. This value decreases refers to higher energy saving performance by lowering the solar heat gain physically with an additional tinted glass.

To source suitable Low-E glass for your project, please visit our performance data page or contact us for assistance.